Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Morning Heartcry

In the morning you search me;
You know the foolishness of my heart.
I have cried, but none have heard.
When will your light shine through in the dark?
My ways are to futile, your ways are so high;
How can I submit my life to you?
I am flirting on the edge, holding onto a lie.
My hands have been calloused, my heart has turned cold.
Has it not been to my King Jesus my life been sold?

My lovers are great, my critics still greater,
But all I want is to proclaim The Creator.
On my knees I must fall
And ask humbly again,
"Lord, forgive me my pride, fake walls, and my sin.
I have built up a house that cannot stand,
I have tossed The Rock and embraced my sand.
The storm did come, the storm did blow,
And by the storm, the storm did show,
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Then as I stand I feel the rain.
That holy rain from above.
It drenches me once again this new day
With Mercy, Grace, Hope, and Love.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This is Our Generation

Remedy-Our Generation

-I see a generation seeking and savoring Christ

-A generation that has a oneness with the Father

-A generation Uniting the body of Christ

-A generation using our gifts all together to advance the kingdom

-A generation as a haven and a place of healing

-A generation that stands on truth, speaks truth, and is not moved

-A generation who counts the cost and considers it worth it

-A generation that places Jesus above all else

-A generation that remembers where they came from and where grace has brought them, the grace paid for by Jesus blood, the blood that never fails

-A generation that is waiting in earnest expectation of the Lord and giving their every moment to prepare the way for their true King

-A generation that knows their depravity and respond with love and worship for the only and true remedy of salvation that God has given them and wants to live to exhibit their gratitude for it, working out their own salvation

- A generation that is selfless and savors the sweet fact that God’s love is greater than life

-A generation that united under the influence of the Holy Spirit and allows him to infiltrate their very being to the extent that they are living in a controlled overwhelmed manner

-A generation that will fight with faith and remember that the Lord is our defense

-A generation that desires the Lord’s glory in every action, thought, motive, idea, relationship, and their very own being.

-A generation that thirsts for the knowledge of the Lord and seeks the godly council of those who have paved the way for us.

-A generation whose love for the world is greater than the visibility of the sin in it.

-A generation who worships regardless of circumstance

-A generation who is willing to take risks, do the unthinkable, and attempt the impossible because they have a relationship with the limitless God

-A generation that renews the term radical to its rightful place of the only way to live

-A generation that despises and refuses complacency

-A generation who understands their identity in Christ and their power and commission given

-A generation who reaches up so God can reach in and allows us to reach out

-A generation that takes each step not knowing their every move, but knowing God is guiding their footsteps

-A generation that gives more than they have, blesses with their money, time, and words

-A generation that loves when there is no love and takes light to a place of complete darkness

-A generation that is consistent and persistent knowing that God is their shield and their hope

-A generation that has a single-minded obsession with Jesus Christ and His truth.

-A generation that is unwavering and will believe the Lord’s every promise is true

-A generation who prevails when persecuted and stands back up when batted down and spreads life when death threatens

-A generation who drinks deep of the remedy and takes that power to the ends of the earth

-I see this generation, and I believe this generation is now, The Remedy is here, Our Father is here. Jesus is here. And the Spirit is upon us.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About Remedy

Remedy is for the college age and young adult body where we are given the opportunity to gather from around the community and surrounding communities, connecting with people and growing in Jesus Christ through fellowship, passion-filled worship music, a message of truth, and small groups.

Remedy is not through a church, although it is hosted at a church. It is for everybody, from all walks of life, all denominations, crossing all boundaries bringing together the body of Christ in the one unifying factor, Jesus Christ. Even if you have no idea who Jesus is, this group is for you as well.

It is just one night a week, so do WHATEVER you have to do to be able to be here, you will not want to miss out on God’s blessing through Remedy! If you work, try your best to keep Wednesday nights free!

We as college students all have many questions considering our future, our purpose. There are many trials we go through and no matter how hard we try and hide it we all have some sort of wound, brokenness, or pain in our life. May there be a Remedy in your life this summer, a Remedy that is forever.

Jesus is the Healer and His Fire is contagious!

Come and see